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Allen Trust Company has the ability to manage both standard and non-standard assets. Depending on your particular situation, these may include:


Stocks: Our core equity list is composed mainly of U.S. large and mid-cap companies that are a blend of value and growth stocks typically characterized by healthy balance sheets and high quality earnings. We also favor companies with a track record of growing dividends.


Bonds: Bonds can provide a hedge against stock market volatility while generating income. We focus on bonds rated "A" or better and diversify to guard against risk.


Mutual Funds: For accounts where individual securities might not be appropriate, we gain diversification via best-in-class mutual funds. Whenever possible, we favor institutional class shares typically not available to most investors. We focus not only on fund performance quality, but also tax and fee efficiency, and we do not invest in “load” funds.


Real Estate: Given the historically low correlation of real assets with stocks and bonds, this asset class can offer significant diversification benefits while providing current income. Our team has expertise and long experience overseeing the management of real property of varying kinds – industrial, commercial, residential and more. For accounts where real assets are not appropriate, we gain exposure to the sector by means of highly liquid real estate investment trusts.


Closely-held stock, Partnerships, and LLCs: Your portfolio may already include these types of assets, which are considered non-standard. If included in your trust, Allen Trust Company understands how to look after your ownership interest.


"fiduciary one that stands in a special relation of trust, confidence, or responsibility to others." Webster

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