U.S. Consumer Spending in the Holiday Season – More Gifts of Positive Returns or A Bag of Coal?

Headed into the final quarter of the calendar year, we turn our attention to the upcoming holiday season, specifically to the sustainability of U.S. consumer spending in this important period for the economy.  Will we finish the year with the gift of sustained positive year-end market returns or finish with a bag of coal like we experienced last year?  We believe that sustained U.S. consumer spending trends will provide part of the answer to this question.  Although we are still positive on sustained U.S. spending growth, we acknowledge increased risks. 

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Julio C. Quinteros, Jr.
Fall Forward into Financial Planning

As the warm summer nights give way to cooler temperatures and the green leaves begin turning autumnal, our minds naturally turn to more indoor activities such as watching football, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and … financial planning.  In this month’s Viewpoints Director of Financial Planning, Allison Grebe Lee discusses Allen Trust Company’s financial planning process.

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Allison Grebe Lee
The Ghost of Paradigm Past

As global investors consider the options for income and yield in investment portfolios, the inverted U.S. yield curve has become topical. Does it indicate a looming recession or is it simply the result of the global opportunity set? This month, Julie Bryan, Allen Trust Company’s Chief Investment Officer, considers whether there might be a paradigm shift occurring.

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Julie C. Bryan, CFA