Fall Forward into Financial Planning

As the warm summer nights give way to cooler temperatures and the green leaves begin turning autumnal, our minds naturally turn to more indoor activities such as watching football, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and … financial planning.  In this month’s Viewpoints Director of Financial Planning, Allison Grebe Lee discusses Allen Trust Company’s financial planning process.

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Allison Grebe Lee
The Ghost of Paradigm Past

As global investors consider the options for income and yield in investment portfolios, the inverted U.S. yield curve has become topical. Does it indicate a looming recession or is it simply the result of the global opportunity set? This month, Julie Bryan, Allen Trust Company’s Chief Investment Officer, considers whether there might be a paradigm shift occurring.

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Julie C. Bryan, CFA
Announcing “ViewPoints”!

With our approaching 20th Anniversary and the recent launch of our new website, Allen Trust Company continues to reaffirm our dedication to servicing our clients in the best way possible.

ViewPoints, formerly Investment Update, is broadening our themes of this monthly newsletter. It will continue to bring you important financial updates, but also offer reflections on trust portfolio planning, tax implications and a full range of fiscal topics.

Stuart Allen, the President & CEO, kicks off our inaugural ViewPoints, with his insights on our growth and continued commitment of excellence to our clients and community.

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Stuart B. Allen, JD
Collectibles: what to do with all this stuff?

Whether you are a connoisseur of fine art or you just can’t let go of your 1990s baseball cards like Allen Trust Company’s Tax Specialist, Stephen Paul, we all have a penchant for accumulating stuff over the years.  This month, Stephen considers what us collectors should be looking out for.

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Stephen A. Paul, CPA